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Lies! Damn lies & Statistics

Towards the end of March (2011) our local councillers produced some figures from the police which attempted to show that the police were doing a good job of protecting us. Our councillers, fair dues, were trying to help us and for that much thanks. Careful analysis of the numbers provide show how important it is for residents to be increasingly vigilant and to work together to protect ourselves from knaves and rouges. They visit us regularly in the middle of the night while we are all asleep.


One example from 2010 figures shows that recorded 62 thefts from vehicles in Ockendon ward. During Jan./Feb.2012, 14 cases of thefts had ALREADY been recorded by the police. If 14 thefts were recorded for just two months it would be expected that for 12 months, the number of thefts from motor vehicles in Ockendon Ward should hit 84.


This WOULD be a 33% increase in thefts from cars in one year.

Does it take rocket science to figure what to expect if the Mar. and Apr. numbers are the same as Jan./Feb.?

You might smugly say "Ah but that is Ockendon Ward. That is not us".

Well Brandon Groves estate is part of Ockendon ward.

Our councillers were told (and shared with us) that there were 13 cases of Theft from Motor Vehicles in Brandon Groves in Jan/Feb.2011.

Not only is that nearly 1/4 of all the thefts in the ward but if the number was projected forward for the rest of 2011, it would be 36.

But this is only the tip of an iceberg.

Brandon Groves had 3 burglaries Jan/Feb.

There were NO actual car thefts in Brandon Groves in Jan/Feb

according to the police figures ferreted out by our councillers.

But don't hold your breath.

There were 6 in the Ward.

They simply have not found any to date with unlocked doors.


Working together to re-organise Neighbourhood Watch is one way of ensuring that WE don't get done.


Let's be 'avin'ya then .............. ..............  now.




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